What are the official deadlines of my Master Thesis?

The official deadlines for the Master Thesis can be found in the Academic Calendar.

Its length is set to 17 weeks for all projects done in the Section of Civil Engineering.


Can the deadlines of my Master Thesis be altered?

Yes they can, by demanding the registrar’s office.

Nevertheless, your demand needs to be supported by the person in charge of your thesis and you need to inform the secretariat of the Section of Civil Engineering.

I wish to make my Master Thesis abroad, how should I proceed?

This is usually a Civil Engineering Professor who will propose you to make your thesis abroad. Depending on his contact and on your thesis subject, he will direct you on an exchange university.

Conversely, it is also possible to suggest an exchange university and a contact name to one of your Civil Engineering Professor.

For a smooth organisation, we recommend the students who are interested to prepare their exchange Thesis during the MA2 semester.


Can I do my Master Thesis in collaboration with a company?

Yes, it is possible to have such a collaboration, but the following conditions need to be met:●

  • The person in charge of the Master Thesis is a professor or a MER of the Section of Civil Engineering(hence it is not the company itself)
  • The subject of the thesis is determined by the person in charge
  • The specificity of the collaboration are defined together by the person in charge of your Master Thesis and the company
  • During your Master Thesis, your status is not one of the company’s employees
    (which is the opposite of the time during your compulsory internship)
  • A student doing his Master Thesis in a company does not receive any salary from that company