EPFL Rocket Team

Fly high and be precise

EPFL Rocket team

The project brings together students from EPFL, HEIG-VD and ZHAW under the name EPFL Rocket Team. The project’s goal is to design and launch a rocket carrying a scientific experiment to an altitude of 3048 m at an international competition. Nearly all parts of the rocket are designed by the students.

In addition to refining our engineering knowledge and skills, the Spaceport America Cup allows us to build a project over a long period, subject to the same time, financial and technical constraints that we will encounter in our future careers.

Founded in October 2016, the EPFL Rocket Team brings together motivated and passionate aerospace enthusiasts. This interdisciplinary student initiative was born from the desire of many students from different engineering faculties to put into practice their accumulated knowledge.

This is the third year the EPFL Rocket Team is participating in the Spaceport America Cup. Two years ago, Project RORO arrived 8th in its category by launching the rocket to an altitude of 2800 meters.


The EPFL Rocket Team is composed of:

  • 8 sections from 5 faculties at EPFL
  • More than 50 active student members
  • 63% undergraduate students

We represent:

  • More than 30 rocket launches
  • 3 participations at the SA Cup

The Spaceport America Cup is the largest student rocket competition in the world. The objective is to propel 4 kg of live load to an altitude of several kilometers. As a result, teams design and build their own rocket every year to compete during launches at the Virgin Galactic Spaceport in the New Mexico desert, USA.

Website: https://epflrocketteam.ch/

Aftermovie competition 2017 GOPRO :

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