EPFL Neuro Symposia

Deep Learning Neuro symposium - © EPFL E. Ruchti

Deep Learning

While deep learning gained a lot of attraction in artificial intelligence, it also offers a new functional view of the brain and challenges biological theories of learning and synaptic plasticity. This symposium is about exchanging ideas from both sides, biology or deep learning, and brainstorming on new concepts.

Neuro sympo winter 2019

Fear Learning

Anxiety disorders are widespread in the human population. At the same time, the behavioral paradigm of fear learning offers researchers a platform to investigate the neuronal circuit basis of emotionally motivated learning behaviors, exploiting state-of-the-art optic- and genetic approaches in mice. Understanding the fundamental molecular, cellular- and circuit mechanisms of fear learning will form the basis for an improved treatment of anxiety in the future. The Symposium brings together researchers investigating fundamental mechanisms of fear learning and of fear reversal, as well as researchers working on translational aspects of fear learning.