Using the EPFL logo

Use of the EPFL logo, even by a unit recognized by the institution, is subject to certain terms: 

  • Any association officially recognized by the EPFL might be authorized to use the EPFL logo on its promotional media (poster, flyers, etc.) after validation of the project by Mediacom Events.
  • Recognized associations must display the EPFL logo whenever the institution makes a financial contribution to an event organised by the said associations.
  • Recognized associations must obtain the EPFL’s authorisation if one of the event’s sponsors is a brand of alcohol.
  • Recognized associations are prohibited from using the EPFL logo if one of the sponsors of an event they organise is a brand of cigarettes.
  • Generally, the EPFL may prohibit an acknowledged association from using the EPFL logo as and when it sees fit.

Units authorised to use the EPFL logo are kindly requested to follow the layout rules provided on the EPFL “Repro” Web site where logos in various formats may also be downloaded.