Equality and careers

Promoting equality between women and men in scientific careers as well as within the administrative and technical staff is an integral part of the policy of continued excellence implemented by EPFL.

The ETH Board has set itself the objective of reaching in 2016, a ratio of 35% women at the PhD level, 30% of scientific staff, 28% of assistant professors and 25% of executives within the administrative and technical staff.

To achieve this objective, the Equal Opportunities Office supports the Faculties and leading bodies involved in the development and implementation of measures. The Equal Opportunities Office also organises events, mentoring offers and workshops that foster networking, exchange of experience and information, awareness of equality issues, and the development of transversal skills linked to an academic career.

Virginia Valian explains the persistence of inequalities in academic careers by an accumulation of small disadvantages for women, and an accumulation of small advantages for men. Among the explanations for this situation are the stereotypes or thinking patterns that guide our actions and are misleading, more often to the detriment of women, and to the advantage of men, as shown by the examples in the Tutorials for Change

Tutorials for Change, http://www.hunter.cuny.edu/gendertutorial/