Grants for Women

INSPIRE Potentials – QSIT Master Internship Award

The INSPIRE Potentials Master internship Award aims at attracting excellent female students who will conduct their Master thesis in a laboratory belonging to the NCCR QSIT network.

QSIT INSPIRE Postdoc Award

QSIT INSPIRE Postdoc Award aims to increase the number of women researchers in research fields related to the partaking laboratories

NCCR Robotics Grants for Women

Programmes by NCCR Robotics that support the growth of the robotics community,

Irène Curie Fellowship program

Eindhoven University of Technology opens up vacancies for permanent academic staff exclusively to women in the first six months of recruitment.

Postdoctoral fellowship for Women in Science

A 2-year fellowship and work on your own research ideas hosted by one of the research groups of a Bio-Inspired Materials center. The fellowship covers salary, consumables and travel expenses.


CONNECT encourages women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to plan and develop their career.