International Women’s Rights Day – 8 March

Since 2018, the EPFL Alumni and Equality offices will join forces for the International Women’s Rights Day.

8 March 2024: A rich and original program of events and activities

To celebrate International Women’s Rights Day, the Office for Equal Opportunities (VPT), the Library, EPFL Alumni, its Women’s Club and Polyquity are joining forces to offer you a rich and original programme of events and activities, spread over several dates: conferences, round tables, etc., check out the program!

8 March 2023: The Mental Load – A Heavy Burden to Bear

To celebrate March 8, 2023, the Office of Equal Opportunity and its partners are proposing a week of events and activities that highlight the mental burden that sometimes interferes with life on campus. Conferences, round table discussions, an exhibition, a sign-making workshop or a treasure hunt with prizes to be won: a rich and original program spread over four days and open to the entire EPFL community.

8 March 2022: Make Way For Women!

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day on March 8, a series of inspirational events will be proposed on the EPFL campus around the theme “Make Way For Women!”: Talks, workshops, comedy show… And the official naming ceremony of several squares and streets of the campus after the names of women scientists proposed by the members of the EPFL community.

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8 March 2021: A day of inspirational talks organized by EPFL

With the creation this year of the Vice-Presidency for Responsible Transformation, it has never been more crucial to ensure that EPFL is at the forefront of the issues of inclusion and sustainability throughout the School’s campuses and activities.

Equal opportunities, ecology, fair science communication and promoting equality between women and men in the workplace are just some of the topics that will be discussed.

The event was live-streamed on 8th March 2021. The recordings of the talks are available here.

8 March 2019: 50 years of EPFL women

With speeches of EPFL President Martin Vetterli and of member of the ETH Board Barbara Haering, the audience had the opportunity to hear testimonies from 5 EPFL alumnae during a panel discussion lead by Myret Zaki, Chief Editor at Bilan:

  • Irina du Bois (CH’70, Alumni Award 2016), President of the Pierre du Bois Foundation
  • Laure de Trentinian (MA’85, Alumni Award 2014), Head of Academy and Innovation, Marketing and Sales, Airbus Defence & Space
  • Leila Schwery Bou-Diab (CH’99), VP Value Chain Management, Johnson & Johnson
  • Claudia de Rham (PH’01, Alumni Award 2017), Professor of Theoretical Physics, Imperial College London
  • Anne Mellano (GC’12), Co-Founder & VP of Operations, Bestmile

The audience also had the opportunity to discover student associations and professors acting everyday on campus for more equality.

8 March 2018: Women’s Careers– EPFL… What Next?

Welcome, Leïla Ojjeh, Director EPFL Alumni
Address by Pierre Vandergheynst, EPFL Vice-President Education
« Why Women Matter » Presentation of the McKinsey Report par Nina Probst, McKinsey associate.

Round Table, with the participation of Marilyne Andersen (PhD AR’04), Dean ENAC à l’EPFL; Déborah Heintze (SV’12), co-founder and COO of Lunaphore; Lajla Aganovic (SC’08), senior investment officer for a private investment company; Agnès Simon (BA ME’93), senior business director at Medtronic Europe; Assia Garbinato (SC’97, PhD SI’00), Head of Data Group, La Vaudoise Assurance; Michele Reigner, (MX’01), Head of Patents & Technology Watch, Rolexwomen, EPFL Alumna engaged in various careers (academic research, industry, services, entrepreneurship. etc.). Moderation: Myret Zaki – Editor-in-Chief of Bilan.

Conclusion & presentation of associations and networks at the event, Helene Fueger, Equal opportunities delegate

Networking, stands tour & dinner cocktail
Discover the video.