For witnesses


If you are subjected to aggressive or threatening behavior (related to issues of personal safety), call +41 21 693 30 00 (or 115 from an EPFL land line). Staff from the EPFL Security and Safety department will come to your aid.

Respect is one of our School’s core values. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. It is everyone’s responsibility to foster a culture of respect and tolerance.

If you are aware of a situation that you believe constitutes psychological or sexual harassment, we suggest you contact the person being targeted and offer your support.

Tell the person about the protection procedures in place at EPFL, and offer to accompany them in taking these steps. However, it is important to respect the person’s own decisions and not to act in their place. If the situation persists or seems serious to you, you can report it yourself, ensuring that the confidentiality of the person who is being harassed is protected.

For advice and support, you can contact a member of the Trust and Support Network.

Staff members are under an obligation to report to the prosecuting authorities, their superiors, or the Federal Audit Office, any criminal offense of which they become aware or that has been brought to their notice in the performance of their duties.

EPFL will protect all persons having reported, in good faith, acts perceived as harassment. No form of reprisals brought against them will be tolerated.