Psychosocial risks

Psychosocial risks are threats to an individual’s mental, physical or emotional health arising from the kind of work they perform, the organization they work or study in, the relationships within that organization, or their work or study environment.

These risks can be caused by excessive or chronic stress and/or by personal attacks, such as through harassment, discrimination, verbal abuse, physical abuse, mobbing or sexual aggression.

Psychosocial risks can have serious consequences, especially in cases of repeated, long-term exposure.

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Psychological harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination: be aware of the precise definitions and the legal bases in this area.

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If you’re concerned by a psychosocial risk, talk about it as soon as possible and ask for help. The Trust Point tool is the entry point.

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Procedures for resolving a case of psychological or sexual harassment: informal resolution or formal complaint.

There for you

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Internal and external instances of EPFL with a mandate to provide initial assistance in situations of discrimination and psychosocial risks

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The person of trusted and mediation service is part of EPFL’s desire to protect the health of its community members, be they staff members, students or PhD students.

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Individual support in case of social or psychological difficulties is available to the student community.

How to help

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If you are aware of a situation that you believe constitutes psychological or sexual harassment

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Tips & advice to protect the well-being of employees and students, and in ensuring an environment free of discrimination and harassment