Sponsoring, sale and distribution of cigarettes during events organized on the EPFL campus

The EPFL is a smoke-free campus since May 2006 and has adopted a strict policy regarding sponsoring by and the presence of the tobacco industry in the framework of events organised on campus. Please find here below a summary of the provisions concerning the sale and distribution of cigarettes and sponsoring by cigarette companies within the framework of association activities.

Sponsoring by cigarette distributors during events:

Sponsoring by cigarette makers is prohibited in the framework of events organised in particular by EPFL associations.

  • No advertising (logo) relating to cigarette producers/distributors on the event’s promotional material (posters, leaflets, flyers).
  • No mention of cigarette producers/distributors during the event, in any form whatsoever (staff T-shirts, logo on tickets…)
  • No distribution of advertising material and no solicitation by cigarette makers during the event
  • No banners, posters or projection of images on screens or against the walls on the event site.

Sale/distribution of cigarettes:
The sale of cigarettes may be authorised during certain events subject to approval of an application file submitted to the Direction of Education, provided that:

  • Cigarette stands may not be located at key event locations. They should be discreet and not display any distinctive marks.
    No communication, sale or distribution of gadgets to minors.
  • No by-products may be sold or distributed at these stands.
  • No cigarettes may be sold outside these stands.

! Failure to observe these directives may lead to the event being prohibited !