Donor/Partner-enabled Research Chairs

Attracting and supporting the world’s top scholars in an increasingly competitive global market is more crucial than ever . Our internationally renowned faculty conduct collaborative, translational research which results in life-changing scientific advances.

Named Research Chairs at EPFL

Bertarelli Foundation Chair in Neuroprosthetic Technology, led by Professor Stephanie Lacour.

Bertarelli Foundation Chair in Cognitive Neuroprosthetics, led by Professor Olaf Blanke

Bertarelli Foundation Chair in Translational Neuroengineering, led by Professor Silvestro Micera.

Chair in Stem Cell Research, which benefits from the support of a group of generous donors including the Fondazione Teofilo Rossi di Montelera e di Premuda as well as an anonymous donor represented by Carigest SA, led by Professor David Suter.

Defitech Foundation Chair in Brain Machine Interfaces led by Professor José del R. Millán

Defitech Foundation Chair in Clinical Neuroengineering and Human-Machine Interaction led by Professor Friedhelm Hummel

Firmenich Next Generation Chair in Neuroscience, led by Professor Pavan Ramdya

Gaznat Chair in Advanced Separations, led by Professor Kumar Agrawal

Gaznat Chair in Geo-Energy, led by Professor Brice Lecampion

Giorgi-Cavaglieri Foundation Chair in Life Sciences, led by Professor Alexandre Persat

ISREC Foundation Chair in Translational Oncology, led by Professor Elisa Oricchio

Margaretha Kamprad Chair in Environmental Science and Limnology led by Professor Alfred Wüest.

The Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Foundation Chair in Nutrition and Metabolism, led by Professor Giovanni d’Angelo

Dr Julia Jacobi Chair in Photomedicine, led by Professor Sylvia Roke

La Mobilière Chair in Urban Ecology and Sustainable Living, led by Professor Claudia Binder

La Poste Chair in Network Industry Management, led by Professor Matthias Finger

Latour Chair in Digital and Cognitive Musicology, led by Professor Martin Rohrmeier

Medtronic Chair in Neuroengineering, led by Professor Diego Ghezzi

Merck Chair in Oncology, led by Professor Douglas Hanahan

Nestlé Chair for Neurodevelopment, led by Professor Johannes Gräff

Patek Philippe Chair in Micromechanical and Horlogical Design, led by Professor Simon Henein

Petrosvibri Chair in Geoengineering and CO2 sequestration, led by Professor Lyesse Laloui

PX Group Chair in Metallurgy, led by Professor Roland Logé

Richemont Chair in Multi-Scale Manufacturing Technologies, led by Professor Yves Bellouard

Swissquote Chair in Quantitative Finance, led by Professor Damir Filipovic

swissUp Engineering Chair, led by Professor Carlotta Guiducci

Chairs currently under recruitment

Ingvar Kamprad Chair of Extreme Environments

Loude Chair in the History of Science and Technology