Lipid Cell Biology Laboratory – Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Chair on Metabolism

The focus of our laboratory is that to understand the role of membrane lipids in the establishment of cell identity and in development. We do approach this issue by combining advanced lipidomics and lipid imaging with biochemical and cell biology techniques.

Our research

Lipids are fundamental constituents of nearly all living-objects as their biophysical properties account for the formation of the bilayer structure characteristic of biological membranes. The membrane structure is conserved from prokaryotes to animal cells where it defines the minimal unit of life : the Cell, represents the first line of communication between the cell and the environment, enwraps the cytosol and the different intracellular organelles allowing for intracellular compartmentalization. The functional properties of cell membranes strongly depend on their lipid composition and different membranes both within the cell and among different cells have different lipid composition. At D’Angelo Lab, we aim at understanding the meaning of compositional variability in cell membranes by studying the mechanisms by which the lipid composition is determined.


Head of Laboratory:

Prof. Giovanni D’Angelo

Office : AI 1109

[email protected]

Phone : +41 21 693 42 76


Sonia Marchegiano

Office: AAB 109

[email protected]

Phone: + 41 21 693 13 70

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Station 19

1015 Lausanne