Master Project

Tardigrades are extremophile organisms, capable of surviving in the harshest environments. In recent years, their survivability has been linked to the presence of specific proteins, while lipids have largely been overlooked. In this project, you will focus on characterizing tardigrade lipidomes throughout each life stage and their adaptations to extreme situations. Therefore, you will apply a broad array of fundamental biochemical and biological methods, which range from lipid biochemistry to fluorescence imaging.

We are seeking a highly motivated student with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry or a related field and a strong interest and drive. While hands-on experience in lipid biochemistry and molecular biology is desirable, it is not essential. We offer a highly interdisciplinary environment at the interface of cell biology and biochemistry.

If you are interested in pursuing your master’s thesis with us, please submit a motivation letter, CV, and transcript of records to Pavel Barahtjan ([email protected]), with the subject line ‘MSc thesis – Application’. The duration of the thesis will comply with the regulations of the student’s university (preferably a minimum of 6 months) and can begin immediately. The working language is English.