Why DH at EPFL?

EPFL is Europe’s most cosmopolitan technical university with students, professors and staff from over 120 nations and is one of the very few schools around the globe that offers a Master of Science in Digital Humanities. It is also one of the top-ranked institutions in the world for the high quality of its teaching and research.

The Master of Science in Digital Humanities is an opportunity to learn how to transform data from our global cultural heritage, historical archives and social media into a deeper understanding of the world we live in. Students acquire a toolbox of essential computer science and humanities skills for applications across interdisciplinary fields, giving them the acute insight and unique foresight to become decision makers and leaders of tomorrow.

In other words:

The Master of Science in Digital Humanities is a comprehensive program, from foundations to applications both in Computer Science and Humanities.  It is a unique program in Europe designed for students with a background in science and engineering.

Students work on cutting-edge projects such as the flagship Venice Time Machine or the famous Montreux Jazz Festival Archives.

Students have a wide range of specialized fields to do projects in: musicology, social media, literature, arts, user experience, history, and more!