Our Preparations


All our products are autoclaved at 121°C during 20 minutes and their sterility is guaranteed.

Bottled Solutions

  • NaCl 0.9% pH 7.0, 1L*
  • PBS 10x pH 6.8 (pH 7.39 à 7.41 after 1/10 dilution), 500ml and 1L
  • PBS 10x pH 7.4 (pH 7.9 à 8.1 after 1/10 dilution), 1L*
  • Tris 1M pH 7.5, 1L
  • TBE 10x pH 8.3, 1L
  • TBS 10x pH 7.4, 1L
  • TAE 10x pH 8.0, 1L
  • TAE 50x pH 8.0, 1L*
  • SSC 20x pH 7.0, 1L


Bottled Culture Media

  • LB-Medium, 500ml, 1L and 2L
  • LB-Agar, 250ml

Agar Petri Dishes

Each dish contains 20ml of Agar. Antibiotic concentration is indicated in μg/ml.

  • LB-Agar Neutral (no antibiotic)
  • LB-Ampicillin 100
  • LB-Kanamycin 50
  • LB-Tetracyclin 10*
  • LB-Chloramphenicol 12.5*
  • LB-Spectinomycin 50*
  • LB-Ampicillin 100 / Tetracyclin 10*
  • LB-Ampicillin 100 / Kanamycine 50*
  • LB-Ampicillin 100 / Streptomycin 50*
  • LB-Ampicillin 100 / Chloramphenicol 12.5*
  • LB-Kanamycin 50 / Chloramphenicol 12.5*
  • LB-Kanamycin 50 / Streptomycin 50*


* There is a 6 days delivery delay for the indicated solutions and agar dishes.

Mycoplasma Detection Tests


We are pleased to announce that the Solution Preparation Facility is offering again the Mycoplasma detection service for your cell lines. Following numerous tests with several kits available in the market and negotiations with suppliers, we have decided to outsource the service in collaboration with GATC.
We opted for the MycoplasmaCheck service, because of the following reasons:
– The method used (qPCR) implemented by the service supplier, certifies the detection of a vast number of Mycoplasma species, which is often not the case with commercial kits;
– The preferential rate of the offered service, which we can ensure by grouping all the requests of the SV School users;
– The speedy delivery time guaranteed by the service provider;
– In addition, the service includes the issuing of analysis certificates by the accredited provider, as per the request of some scientific journals upon submission of papers.
The service is available as of now. Your analysis requests can be placed, as before, through our form available in this page.

Special Orders

Specific media or solutions, either for a single need, a large batch to be produced or a particular and periodic requirement can be taken care of by our services. Feel free to contact us for further information on our conditions.