Donkey Republic in Neuchâtel

100 free annual Donkey Republic passes are available for Microcity staff members.
Bâtiment Microcity

Microcity employees can obtain a free annual subscription by contacting the Microcity secretariat. The coupon given also gives access to many additional offers.

Install the iOS or Android Donkey Republic app. On the “Profile” tab, create your account using your EPFL e-mail address.

Booking your bike

When a bike is available, it is displayed on the map. Click on it and follow the procedure. Rental is free for 12 hours at the most.

Unlocking the bike

When you are close to the bike you rented, click on your rental, then on “Unlock”. The lock opens automatically after 5 seconds. The location service and your Bluetooth connection must be on.

Locking and unlocking

Push down the lock handle when you take a break, then click on “Unlock” in the app when you’re ready to go.

Returning the bike to the pickup location

Before your rental period ends, simply take your bike back to its pickup location.

Ending your rental

Lock your bike and end your rental by first clicking on “Return”, then on “End Rental”. That’s it!

The annuel pass entitles you to:


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Durabilité EPFL
BS 101 (Bâtiment BS)
Station 4
CH-1015 Lausanne