Sponsoring, sale and distribution of alcohol during events organized on the EPFL campus

The EPFL may authorize the consumption and sale of alcoholic drinks in the framework of events organized by its students on campus under certain circumstances described in provisions concerning the sale and distribution of alcohol on campus within the framework of association activities. The EPFL takes measures to prevent and mitigate the risks inherent to the consumption of alcohol

With regards to its prevention measures, EPFL follows the recommendations of Addiction

Suisse (Swiss Institute for the Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Problems).

It is requested that the student organizers of events follow the guidelines issued on the website http://www.addictionsuisse.ch

Sale/distribution of alcohol:

The sale of alcohol products during events must be announced by the organisers and authorised by the competent authority. A prior request must be submitted three months in advance to the MEDIACOM Service,

which will provide a response after consultation with the relevant bodies (DAF, Safety services, etc.). If authorization is given, a licence application will be submitted to the Ecublens Police.

Generally speaking, the distribution of alcohol onsite and within the framework of activities organized by students is prohibited between 6.00am and 5.00pm.

Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis by Educational Affairs (DAF), in collaboration with the MEDIACOM Service and upon justified request submitted at least one month in advance.

For the legal provisions relating to the above, see LEX 8.3.1, Event Organization.

Sponsoring by distributors of alcoholic products during events organized by students:

The sponsoring of events by alcohol distributors is subject to prior authorization from the DAF.

In addition:

· As far as possible, alcohol distributors should not be the main sponsor of an event;

· Likewise, no banners or advertising posters for alcohol products are to be displayed;

· As with tobacco products, soliciting potential customers (a kin to merchandising) for alcohol products is prohibited, as is the free distribution of alcohol products for promotional purposes.

It is also requested that organizers:

· Implement preventative measures during the event (stands, posters, etc.);

· Actively promote public transport options and car-pooling;

· Offer the public a choice of at least three non-alcoholic drinks at a lower price than the cheapest alcoholic drink, for the same volume.

! Failure to comply with these directives may lead to the event being prohibited !