Access to SV School Premises



Camipro Access for SV School Personnel

All permanent and temporary personnel formally accredited to a SV School unit for two months or more, receives a personal Camipro card on which all general access to the SV, AI and AAB buildings are inherited automatically.  


Camipro Access for EPFL Personnel – External to SV School

EPFL employees holding a personal Camipro card, not accredited/affiliated to a SV unit but who would need to access the SV School premises for their activities, may request access to our Camipro Managers by filling in the form here.  



Visitors, academic guests, external students or interns who are visiting a SV unit for less than 2 months request a guest card by filling in the form available here. The “Guest” card is granted for two months maximum. The form must be presented with a valid ID to the Camipro Managers at the SV Store. A 50 CHF deposit is requested and will be reimbursed upon return of the card.

IMPORTANT: All visitors and guests must be announced to Human Resources if their stay at EPFL exceeds 8 working days per year.    


SSV Students

SSV students receive a Camipro card and their specific access to classrooms, study rooms and common areas are managed by the “Academic Center”. EPFL students performing internships in SV laboratories should be accredited within their inviting units for the length of their internships. They will then automatically inherit Camipro access to the SV, AI and AAB buildings.  


Restricted Access Hours

All visitors, interns, external personnel, etc. will be granted  restricted access hours (7h-19h Monday to Friday).  This schedule may be extended under certain conditions and the approval of the DSPS.

– Guests and external personnel, visiting for less than two months: The host unit is responsible for the training. The following form must be filled in and joined to a regular Access Request form. Both documents must be signed and presented to the DSPS for validation.

– Guests and external personnel, visiting for more than two months: The visitor must follow the adequate security trainings in order to be able to be granted extended access hours.

NB: All requests of extended access hours must be presented along with a written justification from the head of the host unit.  

Access to Secured Areas

Some laboratories have, for security reasons, individual card readers. Access to these laboratories is not inherited automatically and must be requested by filling in the adequate forms, which can be found here.



Our SV Camipro Managers remain available at the SV Store Desk located in SV 0508 , or by email a [email protected] .