Master project

Useful information

During the master project (thesis) the student will apply his/her technical and scientific knowledge to real problems and implements its qualities of imagination, curiosity and scientific rigor.

  1. Generalities
  2. Choosing a Master Project
  3. Step by step
  4. Grading
  5. Useful Documents
  6. Prizes and Awards

1. Generalities


In the SMA, the Master project lasts 17 weeks. It has to be done in a university; it is not possible to do it in industry.

The SMA imposes a deadline for registering to the Master Project. For projects in the Fall semester, the deadline is Friday August 28th, 2020, while for projects in the Spring semester it is Friday January 15th, 2021. Please register on IS-Academia, print out the registration form, sign it, ask the supervisor to sign it as well and send the pdf by email in the signed form to the SMA offices (for master in Math and master in Applied Math: to [email protected]; for CSE master: to [email protected]).

In addition, students wishing to do their Master Project outside EPFL have to follow the SMA instructions for exchanges and the SAC ones.

The 2020 Graduation Day will take place on Saturday 3rd October, 2020.

2. Choosing a Master Project

  • Some SMA professors have an updated list of  project proposals.

  • Other professors prefer that the students contact them directly.

  • Students in Math and Applied Math need a supervisor from within SMA. The supervisor for students in CSE is an EPFL Professor or MER who is giving a course within the programme; exceptions are to be asked to the deputy director.

3. Registration by step

  1. Read the document carefully : information for the students, professors and companies
  2. Choose your topic and contact the professor in charge in order to specify the goals

  3. If the master project is made in a public research institution abroad, you can receive financial compensation. See this page and follow the procedure. Complete this step before the end of May (PdM-Fall) or the end of November (PdM-Spring)

  4. Register the Master Project on IS-Academia, set the project’s dates (with course registration module), and print the form. Ask the supervisor to sign the form and hand it to the SMA within the deadline indicated at point 1.

  5. Become a member of “International SOS” for medical assistance during your Master project abroad. This is mandatory when doing your Master project abroad.

4. Report and Grading

  • The student submits a written report in both printed and electronic forms.
  • The student presents and defends his project in front of the supervisor and an external expert.
  • The date of the defense and the expert are decided by the supervisor.
  • The deadline is available on the academic calendar.
  • After the oral exam, the supervisor registers the mark on the IS-Academia portal.
  • A poster presenting the work has to be handed in to the SMA within two weeks after the master project report has been submitted to the Section.

5. Useful Documents

6. Prizes and Awards

List of EPFL Prizes and their registration process.