General information

Modern scientific research and development cover a very broad range of fundamental and applied areas of activity. Over the years, such activities have lead to the development of a wide spectrum of computational methodologies, techniques and tools. Detailed investigations often necessitate an in-depth understanding of the complex interaction between different areas, and hence rely on the establishment of active collaborations between experts in the individual fields. A computational approach provides a valuable key to such multi-disciplinary research. Through the continued development of distinct methodologies and their inter-coupling, the investigation of real-world problems of increasing complexity can be pursued.

Research at EPFL reflects the multi-disciplinary nature of modern Computational Science and Engineering (CSE). Advances in physical modeling and mathematical algorithms, their implementation and their application to increasingly complex, often multi-disciplinary research is central to the development of numerous areas of activity. A summary of different domains is presented here (see menu at right), with the aim to illustrate the diversity of CSE activities currently undertaken at EPFL, as well as to encourage inter-disciplinary collaborations that will further strengthen these efforts.