Mathematics represents one of the highest peaks of human thought and achievement. Beautiful though they may be, mathematical results are not merely museum-pieces, but also form a vital underpinning for every branch of quantitative knowledge, including all domains of science and engineering.

Mathematics is in constant and vigorous development, driven both by its internal dynamics and by the demands of other disciplines. The spectrum of mathematical research at EPFL reflects both this vigor and this diversity.

It ranges from fundamental domains such as geometry and algebra, which despite their reputations as ‘pure’ topics nonetheless have increasingly important applications in areas such as communication systems, to more ‘applied’ domains such as numerical modeling, statistical science, and operations research, in which research is generally motivated by challenging real scientific and technological problems. EPFL researchers conduct high-level investigations across a wide spectrum of contemporary mathematics and enjoy high international reputations for their work. The EPFL Doctoral Program in Mathematics reflects this. It offers the point of entry and the administrative home for EPFL doctoral candidates in mathematics, and provides them with advanced courses and training.

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