Core courses in computational mathematics, modeling and HPC: (24 ECTS)

  • I.   Computational Mathematics
  • II.  High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • III. Stochastic / Visualization
  • IV. Introduction to Modeling

Applications courses in modeling for continuum and discrete mechanics, multiscale physics, numerical methods and algorithms for high performance computing: 36 ECTS in total. Choose 3 of subjects out of 4: 

  • Computational Modeling Based on Differential Equations ≥8 ECTS
  • Computational Methods Based on Discrete Systems ≥8 ECTS
  • Numerical Methods, Algorithms, High Performance Systems ≥8 ECTS
  • Data Science ≥8 ECTS

Projects: (30 ECTS)

Remark: Starting September, the application courses have been merged in a single group at 30 ECTS. This allows more flexibility in the study plan.

For a comprehensive description of graduate programs in CSE, visit the SIAM CSE webpage.

Professional perspectives

The Master in CSE opens the doors to industry in software engineering, environmental engineering, financial services, chemical and pharmaceutical R&D.  It is also a strong asset for a PhD in computational science. Internships are carried out by our students with several partners (see Internships).