Please also visit the SMA webpage for Minors

The registration is done on IS-Academia at the latest at the beginning of the second semester. The new Minor students should also complete the 2 attached documents (personal data & courses)  and transmit them to the CSE secretary.

Plan :

  • Core courses: about 11 ECTS (at least 8) from the core group of the Master
  • Applications:  about 11 ECTS (at least 8) from the Applications of the Master
  • Project in Computational Science and Engineering (8 ECTS)

Core courses are taken from the block 1 of the CSE Master.
The group 2 includes courses in:

  • Computational Modeling based on Differential Equations
  • Computational Modeling based on Discrete Systems
  • Numerical Methods Algorithms, High Performance Systems
  • Data Science

The 30 credits of the Minor are distributed as follows:
– 22 in the courses of the CSE.
–   8 in the projects of the CSE.

The choice of the courses or the projects must be validated by the Section of Mathematics after consultation of a representative committee of various scientific components of the Master’s degree. Ideally about 11 credits are taken in the Block 1 and another 11 in the Groups 2. Plans with less than 8 ECTS in the Bloc 1 and 8 ECTS in the Group 2 are not acceptable.