Master Projects

Usually, it is better to ask directly teachers in CSE whether they have available master projects.

The CSE Master projects must have a strong scientific content. It has to be carried out  under the direction of an EPFL professor of the CSE Master, possibly in collaboration with the industry or at another university.

The application process is similar to that of the semester projects and is described here


  • The title page will comprise:
a)Master project, (year), Mathematics section”
b) and the following indications:
– title of the work
– name of the student
name and affiliation of the supervisor(s) 
– institute in which the work has been realized
– handover date
    • The abstract follows on next page
    • The report is signed on the last page (before the appendices)
Number of copies
  • The student has to bring three printed copies to the section. Once the submission validated, the section keeps one and sends the other to the supervisor and the external expert.
  • The deadline is published on the academic calendar.
Abstract of the Master project
  • At the end of your Master project, send an abstract with a figure to [email protected]. It will be published on the CSE website.
Poster of the Master project
  • At the end of the Master project session of SMA there is a poster session with the presentation of all the projects of the section

Tasks of the supervisor (an EPFL Professor or MER)

  • Supervision of the work during the Master project
  • Supervision of the writing report
  • Check-in of the made work, including:
    . Reading and evaluation of the report
    . Evaluation of the oral presentation
  • Return the note to the SAC

These tasks are also required in case of master project in collaboration with the industry. The supervision of the work is maybe a little lighter since the student is also supervised by a person in the company. The EPFL professor is still the main referent for the project.