Master Projects

Usually, it is better to ask directly teachers in CSE whether they have available master projects.

The CSE Master projects must have a strong scientific content. It has to be carried out  under the direction of an EPFL professor of the CSE Master, possibly in collaboration with the industry or at another university.


  • The title page will comprise:
a)Master project, (year), Mathematics section”
b) and the following indications:
– title of the work
– name of the student
name and affiliation of the supervisor(s) 
– institute in which the work has been realized
– handover date
    • The abstract follows on next page
    • The report is signed on the last page (before the appendices)
Submission of Master’s projects
  •   Put the PDM PDF in ISA
  •    Make the iThenticate similarity analysis in ISA. (automatic)
  •    Send an e-mail to the teacher and the expert, copying CSE and attaching the PDF file of the PDM.
Poster of the Master project
  • At the end of the Master project session of SMA there is a poster session with the presentation of all the projects of the section

Tasks of the supervisor (an EPFL Professor or MER)

  • Supervision of the work during the Master project
  • Supervision of the writing report
  • Check-in of the made work, including:
    . Reading and evaluation of the report
    . Evaluation of the oral presentation
  • Return the note to the SAC

These tasks are also required in case of master project in collaboration with the industry. The supervision of the work is maybe a little lighter since the student is also supervised by a person in the company. The EPFL professor is still the main referent for the project.