Biomedical engineering

Biomedical Engineering

A major challenge in the biomedical field is the quantification of the complex behavior of biological systems. Computational techniques have an important role to play in the application of engineering principles to medicine and biology, leading to improved healthcare diagnostics and therapy.

EPFL contributes research in a number of different areas of biomedical engineering. The Blue Brain project aims to develop the capacity to construct a virtual brain, which will be an invaluable tool for neuroscientists in their understanding of the brain and neurological diseases. Simulation of the atomistic structure of complex biological systems can lead to fundamental understanding of the functional mechanisms of natural and clinical drugs. Numerical flow analysis of the arterial network of the human body can provide detailed insights into the origin of certain anomalies. Much of these research activities is undertaken in close collaboration with medical institutions, such as the CHUV.

Specific laboratories involved in Computational Biomedical Engineering activities include: