TP Microscopie électronique

Practical exercises are part of the intraductory course. Their purpose is to let students apply theoretical knowledge and gain hands-on experience.


  • To know about direct observation techniques of materials microstructure.
  • To apply theoretical knowledge acquired in the previous course and discover experimental constraints.
  • To develop interpretation capacity based on observations.
  • To know about and how to use basic techniques of stereology and image analysis.


Laboratory work of electronic microscopy:

  1. Sample preparation.
  2. Scanning electron microscope SEM (SE,BSE,EBSD).
  3. Transmission electron microscope TEM (BF,DF,HRTEM,SAED).
  4. Chemical analysis EDS.
  5. Methods of interpretation (MC simulations, diffraction indexation,JEMS).

Required prior knowledge

  • Basic knowledge of Solid state physics.
  • Eletronical structure of atom.
  • Cristallography.
  • Cristal defects.

Prerequisite for

  • Analysis of microstructures.
  • Surface analysis.
  • Semester projects and master thesis.
  • Electron microscopy:advanced methods.

Type of teaching

  • Laboratory works.
  • Exercises.

Form of examination

Continuous assessment.