We cannot tackle the current and futures challenges of climate change unless we totally rethink how we live and how we eat. That’s because 26% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the food industry. At EPFL, we are committed to reducing our food-related carbon footprint. The research conducted at the School’s food sustainability laboratory – the first of its kind in Switzerland – will focus on sustainable catering, food, water and food-waste management. Lab members will regularly analyze EPFL’s catering- and food-related carbon footprint in collaboration with our three partner companies: Beelong, which looks at the environmental impact of food purchases, Quantis, which measures products’ carbon footprints, and Kitro, which offers innovative food-waste solutions. And in order to shorten the supply chain, half of all fruit and vegetables on sale will be produced in Switzerland, and all meat will also be Swiss-sourced. No more than 10% of imports will come by plane and no more than 30% by boat. To achieve this, we will draw on data and analyses provided by Beelong, Quantis and Kitro. Initial data for EPFL should be available in February 2021.