IP Phone

The whole Cisco IP phones are configured in order that the screen stay lit during the day.

However, if you wish that your IP phone switches in power saving mode during the day, you can send a request by email to the Service Desk [email protected]

If your phone rings only once when someone calls you, you have to verify that the “Do not disturb” mode is not enabled.

To disable it press the DND button.

In the “Telephone settings” section, the “Service”, “Ring settings”, “Voice mail notification settings” and “Telephone contacts” options are displayed as “deactivated by your administrator”. This is normal, these configuration options are not available.

Jabber Softphone

  • For your contact, it is like you do not answer the call. So, he is able to let you a message on your Voicemail.
  • If you have an EPFL mobile phone, you are able to use Reach Me Anywhere option. With this option, when you receive a call, your softphone and your mobile phone are ringing in the same time. Then, if your computer is turned off or disconnected of the network, you will receive yours calls on your EPFL mobile phone.

For registering a private or external contact at EPFL, not available in the EPFL Directory, you have to create a contact in Outlook and inform the following fields:

  • Instant Messaging address
  • E.164 format phone number (+41…)
  • Complete name (first and last names)

Then, search the contact and add it in Jabber.

Yes, from the version 10.5 and newer of Jabber softphone it’s possibile to modify the ringtone.

  • Select File > Options.

    The Options window opens.

  • Select the Sounds and Alerts tab.
  • Select the ringtone from the drop-down list.
  • Go to the Jabber settings for Windows webpage..

    By default, each phone extension include two lines. It means that when you are in a call and you receive a new call, a pop-up appears indicating an incoming call. Then, you are able to answer the new call or do not answer. In this case, the call goes to your voicemail. If you have not a second line, your line rings “busy.

    If you prefer to get only one line for your extension, please send your request to the Service Desk: [email protected].

    If you do not want to be disturbed by incoming calls or Instant Messaging sound alerts during a meeting. Select Do Not Disturb in the status drop-down list. In this way your softphone ringing will be put on mute.

    Do not disturb

    An other way is to turn off your computer’s sound.

    If you have some sound quality problems during a call:

    • Check if Jabber settings are correctly configured, go to Settings webpage. Place the microphone of your headset at the top of the options list.

    AttentionDo not use the microphone integrated in the webcam delivered with Jabber softphone.

    To call a private contact from Jabber, you must first your Outlook contact has at least the following fields filled in:

    • Whole name (firstname + lastname)
    • Phone number in E164 format. (+41…)

    Research in your Outlook contacts from Jabber only works if your Outlook is started.

    No, it is not necesary to be connected to a VPN to use Jabber from outside of EPFL campus.

    My contact pictures are not displayed (anymore) in Jabber, I have to :

    1. Verify I use the latest version of Jabber 10.5 or further.

    • Windows users: Roue dentée << Help >> About Cisco Jabber
    If the version is lower than 10.5, follow the update procedure of the softphone Settings.
    • Mac users: Menu << Jabber >> About Cisco Jabber
    If the version is lower than 10.5, follow the update procedure of the softphone Settings.
    2. If the Jabber version is greater than 10.5
    Windows users: Erase the content of the following folder.
    %LOCALAPPDATA%\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber\CSF\Contacts
    Or run the following program:


    Utilisateurs Mac: Erase the content of the following folder.
    Users/<userid>/Library/Application Support/Cisco/Unified Communications/Jabber/CSF/Contacts/
    If you cannot, contact your local support that will help you delete the folder.

    I use the Softphone Jabber for Windows and systematically during my first call of the day I hear nothing, whether incoming or outgoing.

    The solution is to deactivate the USB devices standby.

    1. Access the Windows power management : go to the control panel, then select Hardware and Sound

    I have verified that I am connected on the EPFL cable network but I still have network interruptions.

    I have to verify that my connection to the wired network has priority over my wireless connection.

    I. Easy solution : You can simply disable your WiFi connection.

    Be careful no to forget to re-activate it when you are on the go.

    II. Perfect solution:

    1. Go to the Control Panel <> Network and sharing center

    2. Select “Change adapter settings”. Press “Alt” to see the advanced menu.

    3. Select “Advanced Settings

    Advanced Network Settings

    4. Sort by priority, positioning Local area connection (wired network) on the top of the list as shown below :

    Advanced settings menu

    The following procedure allows you to delete the call history locally on your machine, the chat communications history as well as your login.

    For privacy reasons this procedure must be applied by employees at each change of machine.

    1.Sign out from Jabber

    Sign out from Jabber

    2. Go to Gear Wheel Icon File Reset Cisco Jabber

    Reset Jabber

    3. Click Reset

    Press reset

    4. Reconnect

    Watch out icon [email protected] on the first connection. Then only the username.

    Reconnection to Jabber

    I am a mac user and want to disable the connection pop-up from contacts.

    1. Go to Settings. Then Events and uncheck “Contact signs on” and “Contact signs off”.

    Disable popup Jabber Mac

    2. Another option : Go to View menu and check : Show disconnected contacts

    Settings Jabber Mac

    You have to use [email protected]

    This is not your email address nor your simply username.

    Watch out icon [email protected] for your first connection.

    Reconnection Jabber

    Sometimes Jabber displays an incorrect contact name for a specific calling number.

    In order to resolve names to numbers, Jabber looks at three things in this order to find a resolution:

    1. Local Jabber cache
    2. Outlook contacts
    3. Microsoft Active Directory (AD)

    Unfortunately, once there is incorrect information in the local cache, the cache must be deleted manually.


    The person where the name appears incorrectly must:

    1. To check your contacts in Outlook.
    2. To remove its local cache by deleting the DirectoryRSCache file in the directory under:

    (Windows) : C:\\Users\\<user>\\AppData\\Local\\Cisco\\Unified Communications\\Jabber\\CSF\\Contacts

    (Mac) : /Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/Cisco/Unified Communications/Jabber/CSF/Contacts/

    1.  To reboot the Jabber application.

    If the contact name display is still incorrect after these operations, open an incident by contacting the Service Desk: [email protected] and indicating that you have followed this procedure.