Student awards

Douchet Award

The Douchet Award is given to the graduate of the Section of Mathematics with the best average in his Master.

  • The 2018 awardee is M. Slobodan Krstic, MSc Ing Math
  • The 2017 awardee is M. Davide Pradovera, MSc CSE.

Best Posters

The SMA selects the best poster awards in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Computational Science and Engineering.

The 2018 awardees are

  • Quentin Posva, Math
  • Annamaria Biletta, Ing Math
  • Guillermo Julina-Moreno, CSE

The 2017 awardees are

  • Davide Parisi, Math
  • Francesco Nobili, Applied Math
  • Giacomo Garegnani, CSE


Other awards

The “Commune de Chavannes-près-Renens” prize rewards a student who has made a marked favorable impression by his actions or personality. In 2018 it has been awarded to two students in mathematics, Julien Rüegg et Joachim Moussalli.

Lucien Roquette has received the IBM award during the 2017 Magistrale