Carbon Composites Schweiz


Carbon Composites Schweiz, the National Thematic Network (NTN) and the Swiss regional department of Carbon Composites e.V. (CCeV), is an active network for those involved in the high-performance fibre composites sector in Switzerland, promoting the application of this technology though members’ and working group meetings, themed days, presence at trade fairs and conferences as well as active exchanges between members, general management and the Management Board.

Why should you join?

1. Members participate in meetings of the working groups free of charge or at a reduced cost.
2. They can attend one of about 60 training seminars free of charge or at a reduced cost.
3. The participation in theme days and the specialist events Automotive Forum and Carbon Composites symposium is free of charge or discounted.
4. Members receive applications of industry specialists via the job portal.
5. Members can publish job advertisements in the CCeV job portal at no charge.
6. The CCeV joint stand at national and international trade fairs is reserved for members.
7. Your name is made known via public relations in press releases, professional articles and on the CCeV website.
8. Members can publish the latest information in the Carbon Composites Magazine exclusively and free of charge.
9. In the CCeV network, members can make contacts with other know-how carriers in a quick and uncomplicated way.
10. Members can market their know-how in the industry database “Who does what?” at Carbon Connected.

Please see the website for more information about membership>>

Prospective members in the Romandie can also contact Carey Sargent for more information.