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To perform analyses on the PIXE platform, please do contact us using the online form.

Analysis costs

The analysis costs are calculated according to the effective beam time and weighted according to the type of collaborative work (common scientific project, independent scientific project, external service, …)

For detailed information please contact [email protected]

Analysing a standard object takes about one to two hours of “beam time”. For big sets of measures, degressive rates can be applied depending on the number of samples analysed and the type of measurements.

Image processing and interpretation are usually not included in the analysis work except if they are expressly indicated as so in the quotation.

Preparing samples

Most of the time, sample conditioning is rather straigthforward and does not require specific setups.

  • Cylindric shape is ideal, but any other shape can be considered.
  • Samples must be stable during the whole measure to insure good image quality. Depending on the sample’s nature, different stabilization techniques can be applied.
  • During the measurement, the studied object can be surrounded by other material (for instance a confinement cell), as long as this material is transparent enough for X-rays.

Data output format

Outputs are delivered as sets of 2D images in TIFF format (other export formats are available).