Your homepage

Brief description

The Absences welcome page contains your Absences calendar, your holiday and hour balances. On the welcome page, you can register an absence or additional hours and define your current weekly presence.

How to access

The homepage is accessible through the url :



Calendar enable you to register an absence by clicking on the desired date. The details of absences is showed with colored sticker.

It’s possible to display for three-month viewing by clicking on « display three months »



  • Announce an absence : futur or past
  • Announce hours : extra presences (unique or repeated)
  • Define on call : to announce a call

Resumés and personnal settings

transactions log and resumés

  • Transaction log enable you to check the transactions of your account
  • Absence resumé for current year enable you to check your absences per civil year in a summary.

Balances and projections

​​​​​​​balances and projections

  • Today’s balances : your day’s balance (without the deduction of future absences)
  • Projection on 31/12/20XX : your available balance on 31.12 or at the end of your present contract
  • Balances details : enable you to display balances and absences in details