3 days walking

Leave Lausanne on foot to re-discover the beauty of the nearby countryside. Cross a field, follow a river, climb a hill, walk through a forest. Open your eyes and be amazed!
Walking with others to have the opportunity to share on the way and at the stops. With a small team we prepared an itinerary, but also some questions to ask each other to make the experience even more interesting. One of the themes is: “what motivates me, what makes sense to me”. Everyone will of course share as much as he/she wants.

Departure from Lausanne on Saturday morning, August 28, with a bag and a few things (a list of necessary things will be sent when the time comes). Return on Monday August 30th in the evening with tired feet (around 20 km walk per day) but with beautiful memories in the eyes and the heart (we hope :))

The 2 nights are made in rooms and/or camping. (But we will arrange not to need to carry the tents).

To register, please fill in this form: https://forms.gle/VTyYiBF75Y9xnoDn6

Price: 90 Frs, to be paid in advance, or contact us to give it in person ([email protected]). (If there is a problem with this amount, please let us know and we can find a solution)

IBAN: CH08 0900 0000 1001 7481 2
Chaplaincy of the universities
Unil – Amphipôle 211 – 1015 Lausanne

Looking forward to sharing this adventure! See you,

Alexandre (and Ombline and Manu)

Chaplain at EPFL (and students)