Structural Engineering

The development of a modern society needs a secured availability of multiple infrastructures: buildings, traffic routes, infrastructures, protection works, water and energy production and distribution infrastructures. All these constructions require working and safe bearing structures, as well as architectural and economical qualities. Structural engineer possess at the same time the skills to design, to calculate and build his structures, as well as to manage, maintain and renovate. His large spectrum of skills gives him the possibility, among other, to apply his technical knowledge to diverse applications, going even beyond the scope of Civil Engineering: aerospatiale, mechanical engineering, naval constructions, microtechnics, medical engineering, etc.

Content of education

The offered education in the scope of the specialization in structural engineering reflects the following orientations:

  • Development of theoretical knowledge in the field of structural mechanics
  • Study of the structural dynamics and paraseismic engineering
  • Deepening of knowledge in the fields of concrete and metal structures
  • Discovery of wooden structures and new materials, such as composites
  • Principles of structural design and its application to bridges
  • Deepening of knowledge in the field of material behavior and structure maintenance

The different courses making together the specialization in transportation and mobility can be found in the Civil Engineering study plan for a given year, specialization D: ► Study plan_2021-22

Career opportunities

The semester projects give the possibility to put the acquired knowledge to good use in real life projects. The interaction with students in the sections of Architecture and Environmental Engineering is encouraged in order to acquire a wider view of the architectural and build environment. Students have the possibility to develop their interest for research, in this field, during laboratory projects or the Master Thesis, or otherwise by pursuing their education by doing a doctoral degree in the field of structural engineering.

For students having a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from EPFL, the acquired knowledge during the bachelor is a necessity. For students with different backgrounds, it will be possible to complete their education by choosing some courses from bachelor.