Cryogenics facilities and equipments


Space and Equipment Management

The SV School has made available to the laboratories and SV Platforms:

– Liquid nitrogen storage spaces in room AI 0223

– -80°C storage spaces for long term archiving of biological samples.

In order to optimaze storage spaces and streamline the number of equipment, a common management of cryogenics has been set up by the SV Workshop. Storage spaces are defined for each appliance and a precise occupation map is established. All storage request in liquid nitrogen tanks or -80°C freezers should be directed to the SV Workshop by email at [email protected].

IMPORTANT: For safety reasons room AI 0223 is closed outside of regular working hours and liquid nitrogen filling is not allowed. However if you need to access one of the -80°C freezer or nitrogen tanks, you should contact the PCC by phone at number 34000 so that a security guard opens the door for you.

Spare Emergency Freezers

Reserve -20 °C and -80 °C freezers are located in rooms AI 0128  and SV 1621. In case those freezers are already occupied, additional reserve freezers are located in room AI 0223. To access this room, please call the PCC at phone number 34000.

When using the reserve freezers, it is mandatory to notify the workshop by calling 38331 or by email: [email protected]

Advice to the Users

Since early 2011, the purchase of new equipment for the cryogenics common rooms is performed by the SV Workshop at the SV School expenses.

Our technicians gladly advise our users who wish to purchase freezers or liquid nitrogen tanks for their laboratories. Feel free to contact us by email at: [email protected] or by phone at number 38331.