Waste management at EPFL

More than 70% of the waste generated at EPFL is recycled! The objective is to further increase this recycling rate but also to reduce the amount of waste produced on campus.
le recyclage à l'EPFL

Waste sorting

le recyclage à l'EPFL

Common waste

EcoPoints for recycling paper, aluminum cans, PET bottles and glass. Building waste collection center for inks and toners, all coffee or tea capsules, cardboard.

Specific waste

The main waste collection center collects any type of waste produced on campus.

Hazardous waste

Chimical and biological waste.

Waste management

collecteur de dechets

New waste concept

From January 2019, EPFL will launch a new waste management concept: EcoPoint. This is a centralized collection point whose objective is to recover recyclable materials and reduce the volume of incinerable waste.


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