CYD Fellowships

To promote research and education in cyber-defence, EPFL and the Cyber-Defence (CYD) Campus jointly launched the “CYD Fellowships – A Talent Program for Cyber-Defence Research.”

Cyber-Defence Campus: research, development and training for cyber defence

A Talent Program for Cyber-Defence Research

Cyber-threats have been accelerating due to the exponential growth of network connectivity. These new capabilities provide myriad opportunities for security hackers to wreak significant damage for commercial, political, or other gains.

CYD Fellowships are designed to promote new solutions to major challenges in the fields of security and data science by bringing together basic and applied research in cyber-defence.

CYD fellows are hosted by a higher education institution in Switzerland and conduct their research at the CYD Campus located on the premises of EPFL and ETHZ and in its office in Thun. The CYD Campus is a cyber-competence center acting as an anticipation platform for identifying and assessing technologies, commercial and social cyber trends, as well as the resulting usage scenarios.

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CYD Master Thesis Fellowships

Living allowance, research and conference funds for 6 months

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CYD Doctoral Fellowships

Salary, research and conference funds for 4 years (with a possible one-year extension)

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CYD Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowships

Salary, research and conference funds for up to 3 years

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Application deadline

The submission deadline for the first call for proposals is 30 March 2020 (17:00 CET).

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Application toolkit

Please, read carefully all documents available in the application toolkit to prepare your application.

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Submission platform

Access the application platform here.

The CYD Fellowships are supported by armasuisse Science and Technology


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