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The CIS Collaboration Grants

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CIS Collaboration Grant

The CIS Collaboration Grant was set up in order to support the launch of CIS Research Pillars within the areas of Intelligent Systems. The grantees will be attached to two labs of EPFL thus promoting the exchange between labs and different faculties of EPFL. Further the CIS Collaboration grantees, supervised by professors affiliated with CIS, contribute to the preparation, submission and implementation of larger collaborative projects between EPFL and its partners through CIS.  

Six grants have been attributed, each corresponding to different research pillars: AI Healthcare, Intelligent Assistive Robotics, edge AI, Digital Twin, AI4 Molecular Design and AI4 Environmental Processes.

Discover our 6 collaboration grants

AI for Medicine

Project “Cardiac Digital Twins and Culprit Lesion Detection”, under the laboratories of Prof. Abbé and Prof. Frossard.

Intelligent Assistive Robotics

Research pillar on “Intelligent distributed robotic systems”, under the labs of Prof. Ijspeert and Prof. Paik.

Network Visual

Edge Ai

Project on “Decentralized Edge AI Infrastructure”, and with Applications in Health & Human Exposome. Under the labs of Prof. Atienza, Prof. Ionescu and Prof. Jaggi.

Digital twin grant

Digital Twin

Project on “Digital twin for real-time monitoring and anomaly detection of complex systems”, under the labs of Prof. Nobile and Prof. Schiffmann

AI4Molecular Design

Project on “Leveraging deep learning approaches for the prediction and design of protein allostery”, under the labs of Prof. Vandergheynst and Prof. Barth.

Collaboration Grant VI

AI4Environmental Processes

Project on “Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Construction”, under the labs of Prof. Parascho and Prof. Kamgarpour.