Advice includes generic training, i.e. entrepreneurship, innovation or technology transfer classes as well as more specific and targeted support such as coaching and mentoring.


Non academic programs 

EPFL Innovation Park
EPFL Innovation Park offers a wide array of training in Western Switzerland, for both university students and researchers to help them to bring science to market

For experienced start-up founders and board members to accelerate the growth of their companies with its Fast Track programs (Sales Academy; Board Academy; Corporate and Startups)
Venturelab started 2004 as a national startup training program, and has since then conducted 202 entrepreneurship events with more than 23‘000 participants from Swiss universities and organized 3‘225 workshop modules to train innovative startup projects.

Extraordinary academic courses at EPFL

The Mintt program provides EPFL PhD students with an accelerated training in invention management, assessment of the potential, intellectual property rights elaboration, license negotiation, start-up option evaluation and experience sharing in the fields of academic results industrialization and sales. It is organised by the EPFL Tech Transfer Office.

Coaching and Mentoring

On campus

EPFL Innovation Park
Work with sector specific, experienced coaches to further develop your start-up projects. Start now
Technology Transfer Office
The TTO encourages the transfer of research results to products and services through licensing. Guide lines for startups, management of conflict of interest, academic courses, support programs and more to help you create your own company.

Off campus

Supports selected entrepreneurs for the first three years of the project, through trainings & workshops.
IMD startup Competition
Provides a unique opportunity to get the help and insights of participants in IMD’s MBA and Executive MBA programs.
IMD Startup Competition