Access to P2, P3 and C Laboratories

Access to all secured laboratories must be requested separately by filling in the adequate forms below.

Access request to P2 laboratories

Access to P2 laboratories must be requested by filling in the online form below. A validation will then be requested from the personnel responsible of the laboratory and the biosafety coordinator. Access will then be granted when the request is validated.

>> Access request to P2 laboratories <<

Access request to P3 laboratories

Access to P3 laboratories can be requested with the form below, which will need to be validated by the safety delegated in charge of the P3 facility, the line manager of the applicant and the biosafety officer of the SV School.

>> Access request to P3 laboratories <<

Access request to C labs and irradiators

Access to C laboratories and irradiators follow a different procedure. First, the applicant has to fill in a radioprotection questionnaire that will generate a medical appointment and the subscription to the mandatory training in radioprotection.

Following the medical check up and the training, the applicant will need to request access to the C lab of interest by filling in the form below. It will then have to be presented to the FSV camipro managers for validation by the radioprotection responsible person at the SV School.

>> Radioprotection questionnaire <<

>> Lab C and irradiators access request form <<


The Camipro Managers of the School of Life Sciences remain available in case of questions and can be contacted by phone, email or in person at the SV Store desk.

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Mornings: 8:00AM to 12:00PM
Afternoons: 2:00PM to 5:00PM

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