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Training future architects by giving them a solid polytechnic background is the key role of the Section d’Architecture at EPFL: the Bachelor years forming a common base, the Master phase crowning personal development. Among other things, this supposes that teaching should implant a vision that embraces both the contemporary realities of architecture and its ancient roots. In a polytechnic culture, our discipline should be seen as an art and a craft, to be practiced with intelligence, passion, and experience drawn from many spheres of scientific knowledge.

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Architecture's Landscape | From Forest to Frame: Mass timber in the Pacific Northwest (1980-2015)


With: Laila Seewang is assistant professor in the School of Architecture at Portland State University where she teaches design studios and architectural and urban history and theory. She also sits on the Board of Directors of Aggregate Architectural History Collaborative. She is a registered architect and an architectural historian and theorist whose research uses infrastructure as a lens through which to study environmental and urban design, in particular during the nineteenth century. She is currently working on a book manuscript that looks at the role that public water infrastructure played in Berlin’s nineteenth-century municipal development, and researching the infrastructure of timber modernism in the Pacific Northwest. She is the co-editor of a special double issue of Architectural Theory Review, Timber Constructed: Towards an Alternative Material History (2021) and has also written about German architectural historiography, public toilets in Berlin, brick manufacturing in Brandenburg, and rapid sand filters in central Massachusetts.
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ALICE Book Launch: The Real Book


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MAGMA & PRINCIPES – Conférence de Richard Copans


With: Richard Copans, producteur, réalisateur et directeur photographique français à qui l’ont doit notamment la série documentaire Architectures, réalisée en collaboration avec Stan Neumann.
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Spring semester 2021
Pre-registrations for master project studios and master teaching units via ISAcademia from 11 to 18 January 2021


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ARCHIZOOM is a platform for exchanges on architecture

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Archizoom is a public programme producing exhibitions and hosting lectures related to architecture, suitable for both an expert and general audience. Part of the ENAC School, it promotes architectural and engineering research, either applied or academic, in a spirit of constructive criticism in order to challenge conventions.