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© ZAD Mormont

La ZAD du Mormont, le point de vue de Luca Pattaroni

— Dans un entretien accordé au journal de 12h30 de la RTS_La Première le 31 mars, Luca Pattaroni, docteur en sociologie urbaine à l’EPFL, s’exprime sur l’occupation et l’évacuation des zadistes sur la colline du Mormont près de la Sarraz.

© 2021 EPFL Press

L'architecture du canton de Vaud 1975-2000

— Dans une monographie richement documentée, Bruno Marchand, professeur honoraire de l’EPFL, et Pauline Schroeter, collaboratrice scientifique à l’EPFL, présentent le dernier quart du XXe siècle de l’architecture vaudoise.

© 2021 Collage by Goda Budvytyte (det)

New MAS in urban and territorial design

— Urban and territorial design has acquired a new meaning and urgency. From drivers of progress to the source of planetary hazards, the impacts of cities and wider urbanisation processes are being recast in the public sphere. The critical examination of anthropocentric world views, the proposed politics of a Green New Deal, growing social movements and climate activism are reflected directly in urban and territorial space, highlighting power asymmetries and fuelling the exploration of alternatives. The imminent future of the urban engages social and environmental imaginaries, which now extend beyond-the-city and beyond-the-human. In this context, urban and territorial design serves as a crucial field of synthesis, inspiring and negotiating change in science, practice and governance. The design of the territorial project is understood as a possibility through which to explore common epistemic horizons and new biopolitical paradigms.

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Spring semester 2021
Pre-registrations for master project studios and master teaching units via ISAcademia from 11 to 18 January 2021


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Archizoom is a public programme producing exhibitions and hosting lectures related to architecture, suitable for both an expert and general audience. Part of the ENAC School, it promotes architectural and engineering research, either applied or academic, in a spirit of constructive criticism in order to challenge conventions.