Please note that the bachelor’s programme in Chemistry and Chemical engineering is given in French.


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The Bachelor’s degree is an intermediate academic title that crowns 3 years of study. Once acquired, it opens up the possibility of advanced training with Master’s studies in our section: Master of Science in Chemical engineering & Biotechnology and Master of Science in Molecular & Biological Chemistry. The holder of a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry can also pursue advanced studies in related fields of chemistry, e.g. in the environment, pharmaceutical sciences, materials sciences or even patent law.

The Bachelor’s degree in chemistry consists of three stages:

Initial training in the basic sciences, i.e. chemistry, mathematics, physics and programming (information processing, calculation and communication). The first year allows students to acquire the polytechnic scientific tools essential for future scientists or engineers. The student must obtain a sufficient average in the practical branches on the one hand and in the theoretical branches on the other hand to be promoted to the bachelor cycle.

General training in chemistry and initial training in chemical engineering including the classical knowledge of these fields including mathematics applied to chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry.

The student may choose to study in either chemistry or chemical engineering, depending on the field he or she wishes to enter in his or her future career. The chemistry orientation prepares students to become active chemists in analytical chemistry or in research in biological chemistry, synthetic chemistry, computational chemistry and physical chemistry. The chemical engineering and biotechnology orientation provides the basis for becoming a chemical engineer for production in the company.