TA duties

All PhD students registered with the Section of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering for their TA duties are required to teach a total of 580 h during their studies.

Detailed information can be found below and on the Guidelines for PhD teaching assistants at SCGC.

Contact: Mrs Séverine Roque

PhD students are not expected to teach in the first and the last six months of their PhD, but starting teaching as soon as possible is highly recommended. Teaching should start at the first occasion, although an exemption for one semester can be asked for preparing the candidacy exam.

How much does it mean concretely: roughly one day/week teaching during term-time + ad-hoc smaller duties, eg. exams supervision and/or correction

Courses and exercises sessions: in principle, the hours giving at SCGC are effective working hours (+1h for every hour of exercise sessions).

Project supervisions: bundle of 56 teaching credits for every student supervised.

Outreach events: to be validated by the Section first. Hours worked during the weekend are doubled.

PhD from outside will receive extra 3 teaching credits per day spent in Lausanne.

Train tickets are to be arranged with the lab’s secretaries.

Each year, 10 teaching excellence awards including a diploma and a cash prize will be attributed to outstanding PhD teaching assistants. Nominations are made exclusively by the teachers.