Jobs for students

ISIC laboratories regularly welcome students in order to carry out an internship for a few weeks or months beside the study curriculum.

To know more about opportunities, students should contact the Head of the laboratory. These interships can be remunerated or not.

Some internships for chemical engineering students are also relevant for chemistry students. The internships for the students from the Master in molecular and biological chemistry are available on IS-Academia. In case of interest and before contacting any company, please do contact the internship coordinator, Mrs Catherine Marselli, for further information.

Each semester, the section is looking for student assistants to complete the teaching assignments of the PhD assistants in the teaching of certain courses (supervision of first year students’ practical work or assisting teachers during practice sessions).

The final needs for student assistants are known about 3 weeks before the beginning of each semester. No information on assignments can be defined before then. Remuneration is on a monthly hourly basis.

If you are interested, please send your course preferences and availability to Ms Séverine Roque.