Senior Faculty

Expertise :
Transportation and Mobility
Socially-aware Artificial Intelligence
Computer Vision
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Human-Robot Interaction
Ambient Intelligence

Expertise :
fluid dynamics
physics of particle transport
steep slope flows (avalanches, floods)
Risk analysis

Expertise :
Transportation analysis
Operations Research
Discrete choice models
Nonlinear optimization

Expertise :
structural and material engineering; existing civil structures in particular bridges of high cultural value; fatigue, dynamics and structural behaviour of bridges; Ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concrete and composite UHPFRC-RC structures.

Expertise :
Rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures.
Engineering and applications of Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concretes.
Conservation of lighthouses at sea.
Time dependent response of cementitious materials.
In-situ characterisation of the permeability of cover concrete.

Expertise :
Modélisation de systèmes énergétiques
Adéquation entre l’offre et la demande d’énergie
Simulation multi-agent des marchés de l’énergie
Sécurité de l’approvisionnement en énergie
Approvisionnement en énergie et développement durable
Développement des bio-carburants
Energies propres

Expertise :
Structural Engineering
Advanced composites
Sandwich structures

Expertise :
Study of natural and man-made systems with emphasis on the mechanics of various interacting phenomena.
Lecturing in Civil Engineering (soil mechanics, underground seepage, geomechanics) and Mechanics (mechanics of porous media, mixture theory, multiphase flow).
Research in Environmental Geomechanics, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering, Mechanics of Multiphase Porous Materials.

Expertise :
Mechanics of porous media,
Hydraulic fracturing,
Dense suspensions flow,
Rock mechanics

Expertise :
Expertises :- Comportement sismique des structures en béton armé et en maçonnerie
– Evaluation sismique des structures existantes
– Vulnérabilité sismique des monuments historiques
– Risque sismique

Human-Oriented Built Environment Lab

Expertise :
Indoor air quality
Human exposure to airborne pollutants
HVAC systems and control
Building environmental monitoring
Human thermal comfort
Human behavior and interactions
Energy efficient buildings

Expertise :
-Seismic Design, Evaluation and Retrofit of Steel Structures
-Multi-scale Experimental Testing of Structures
-Computational-Mechanics Based Simulation
-Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
-Seismic Risk and Loss Assessment
-Protective Systems

Expertise :
Metallic structures
Structural glass
Fatigue and fracture mechanics
Assessment of existing structures
Ultra low cycle

Expertise :
Daylighting and Greenlighting Technology; Passive and Active Solar; Sustainable Building Technology; Stochastic Building Simulation; Predictive Control; Air Infiltration and Ventilation.

Expertise :
Measurement data interpretation
Active structural control
Advanced computing – engineering informatics

Expertise :
– Design and testing of geostructures
– Behaviour of geomaterials: Constitutive modeling, unsaturated soils, thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling effects, creep of clayey soils, multiphase flow in deformable porous media, cyclic loading, elasto-visco-plasticity, numerical modeling
– Risk Management: Landslides, debris flow, vulnerability, probabilistic approaches, neural networks, integral risk management.