Senior Faculty

Alahi Alexandre
Visual Intelligence for Transportation
Expertise :
– Transportation and Mobility
– Socially-aware Artificial Intelligence
– Computer Vision
– Machine Learning
– Deep Learning
– Human-Robot Interaction
– Ambient Intelligence

Ancey Christophe
Environmental Hydraulics Laboratory
Expertise :
– Fluid dynamics
– Rheology
– Hydraulics
– Physics of particle transport
– Steep slope flows (avalanches, floods)
– Risk analysis

Beyer Katrin
Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics Laboratory

Bierlaire Michel
Transport and Mobility Laboratory
Expertise :
– Transportation analysis
– Operations Research
– Discrete choice models
– Nonlinear optimization

Brühwiler Eugen
Laboratory of Maintenance and Safety of Structures
Expertise :
– Structural and material engineering
– Existing civil structures in particular bridges of high cultural value
– Fatigue, dynamics and structural behaviour of bridges
– Ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concrete and composite UHPFRC-RC structures

Denarié Emmanuel
Laboratory of Maintenance and Safety of Structures
Expertise :
– Rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures.
– Engineering and applications of Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concretes.
– Conservation of lighthouses at sea.
– Time dependent response of cementitious materials.
– In-situ characterisation of the permeability of cover concrete.

Fernández Ruiz Miguel
Structural concrete laboratory

Geroliminis Nikolaos
Urban Transport Systems Laboratory

Gnansounou Edgard
Bioenergy and Energy Planning Research Group
Expertise :
– Modélisation de systèmes énergétiques
– Adéquation entre l’offre et la demande d’énergie
– Simulation multi-agent des marchés de l’énergie
– Sécurité de l’approvisionnement en énergie
– Approvisionnement en énergie et développement durable
– Développement des bio-carburants
– Énergies propres

Keller Thomas
Composite Construction Laborytory
Expertise :
– Structural Engineering
– Advanced composites
– Sandwich structures

Khovalyg Dolaana
Thermal Engineering for the Built Environment Laboratory
Expertise :
– Energy Performance of Building Services
– Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC)
– Thermal Engineering & Fluid Mechanics
– Thermal Comfort for the Built Environment

Laloui Lyesse
Laboratory of Soil Mechanics
Expertise :
– Study of natural and man-made systems with emphasis on the mechanics of various interacting phenomena.
– Lecturing in Civil Engineering (soil mechanics, underground seepage, geomechanics) and Mechanics (mechanics of porous media, mixture theory, multiphase flow).
– Research in Environmental Geomechanics, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering, Mechanics of Multiphase Porous Materials.

Lecampion Brice
Geo-energy Laboratory – Gaznat Chair on Geo-energy
Expertise :
– Mechanics of porous media
– Hydraulic fracturing
– Dense suspensions flow
– Geomechanics
– Geo-energy
– Rock mechanics

Lestuzzi Pierino
Applied Computing and Mechanics Laboratory
Expertise :
– Comportement sismique des structures en béton armé et en maçonnerie
– Evaluation sismique des structures existantes
– Vulnérabilité sismique des monuments historiques
– Risque sismique

Licina Dusan
The Human Oriented Built Environment Laboratory
Expertise :
– Indoor air quality
– Human exposure to airborne pollutants
– HVAC systems and control
– Building environmental monitoring
– Human thermal comfort
– Human behavior and interactions
– Energy efficient buildings

Lignos Dimitrios
Resilient Steel Structures Laboratory
Expertise :
– Seismic Design, Evaluation and Retrofit of Steel Structures
– Multi-scale Experimental Testing of Structures
– Computational-Mechanics Based Simulation
– Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
– Seismic Risk and Loss Assessment
– Protective Systems

Molinari Jean-François
Computational Solid Mechanics Laboratory

Muttoni Aurelio
Structural concrete laboratory

Nussbaumer Alain
Resilient Steel Structures Laboratory
Expertise :
– Metallic structures
– Structural glass
– Fatigue and fracture mechanics
– Assessment of existing structures
– Ultra low cycle

Scartezzini Jean-Louis
Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory
Expertise :
– Daylighting and Greenlighting Technology
– Passive and Active Solar
– Sustainable Building Technology
– Stochastic Building Simulation
– Predictive Control
– Air Infiltration and Ventilation

Smith Ian F. C.
Applied Computing and Mechanics Laboratory
Expertise :
– Active structural control
– Advanced computing
– Engineering informatics

Vassilopoulos Anastasios
Composite Construction Laboratory

Violay Marie
Laboratory of Experimental Rock Mechanics

Vulliet Laurent
Laboratory of Soil Mechanics
Expertise :
– Design and testing of geostructures
– Behaviour of geomaterials: Constitutive modeling, unsaturated soils, thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling effects, creep of clayey soils, multiphase flow in deformable porous media, cyclic loading, elasto-visco-plasticity, numerical modeling
– Risk Management: Landslides, debris flow, vulnerability, probabilistic approaches, neural networks, integral risk management

Weinand Yves
Laboratory for Timber Constructions