Chemical Waste Collection

Bandeau Magasin
Chemical wastes are collected on Wednedays from 10:30AM to 11:30AM at the SV Store.

Please refer to the waste sorting procedures available on the webpage: Safety at the School of Life Sciences.


Chemical wastes (liquids and solids) are sorted and eliminated according to a common procedure at EPFL. Generally chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents, acids bases, heavy metals, oils (organic and mineral), developing products and poisons (ethidium bromide, DAP, osmium tetroxide, etc.) are treated separately.


  • Unstable chemicals must be neutralized prior to disposal by users
  • Empty bottles of chemicals are to be eliminated by glass recycling, unless those flasks have contained highly toxic liquids. Bottles have to be rinsed and the label must be removed or crossed with a line indicating that it is no longer containing hazardous materials. 

Adequate recovery equipment (cans, bottles, absorbent material) is available at your request. For more information on chemical wastes please contact the following persons: