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Associations have the possibility of informing the EPFL community of their activities through the memento of associations. This tool was specially developed in their intention, and allows to categorize the announced events, as well as to describe their contents.

Announcements are moderated by students members of student associations.

Once a week, an automatic extraction of the contents of the memento is made, and sent in a concatenated way to all the students of the campus.

It is also possible to subscribe to the information of the memento, by choosing certain parameters of extraction.

Generic list [email protected]
Associations recognized by the EPFL can, once a half-year, use the list of distribution [email protected] which clocks towards all the students and the PhD students of the EPFL.

A jury compound of 5 moderators (students) checks the contents. If 3 juries agree, your news is freed and sent to every students and PhD students of the School. If I jury does not agree, reasons will be communicated to the sender. Response time within 48 hours. The moderators are reachable on the address [email protected] .
THE AGEPoly handles the coordination of moderation, and follows a charter conceived for that purpose.

For information, in case of associative emails, using following emails addresses «[email protected]» and «[email protected]» is not allowed.

Memento and following generic list news[email protected] are the only ways authorized for associations to contact the student population of the EPFL. Any abuse of the other generic lists, even those moderated, is liable to penalties, which could go to the abolition of the status of association recognized by the EPFL.

Announce an event on big screen

You can reveal announcements on the screens, which are in the School, to this, please base you on the procedure, which is here.

Announce a cultural event
The blog of the cultural and artistic affairs, which publishes several times a week articles announcing cultural events on the campus and beyond. In exchange, the interested organizers give some tickets for the demonstration in question (unless the entrance is free). These tickets will serve for the competitions (intended for the students and the collaborators EPFL) which usually accompany these publications. More of 1′ 000 people are subscribed to this BLOG and the attraction of the offered tickets makes it very popular, a good way to give to your event an additional visibility on the campus! Access to the BLOG: blogs.epfl.ch/culture – Contact [email protected]