Summer chantier 2015

2015 Lausanne – Valparaíso

Project Data

Building Cultures

Preparation October – June, Lausanne 2014-15
Analysis 5 days Lausanne – July 2015
Fabrication 20 days Valparaíso – August 2015


Project Team EPFL Lausanne


Raffael Baur, scientific collaborator
Sony Devabhaktuni, scientific collaborator
Patricia Guaita, scientific collaborator


Project Team Ead PUC Valparaíso


David Jolly, Professor Ead PUC Valparaíso
Paul Baumann, asistant profesor PUC Valparaíso


Project Administrator

Béatrice Bouy, EPFL –ENAC – IA-GE


Partner Institutions

Ead PUC Valparaíso, David Jolly, Professor
ETH Zurich, Annette Spiro, Professor
AAM-USI Mendrisio, Martino Pedrozzi, Head of WISH project






EPFL _ Karimi Azadeh / Vincent Bianchi / Francesco Battaini / Céline Clivaz / Noe Cuendet / Heloise Doret /
Olivier Monteil / Marion Moutal / Benoit Perrier
ETHZ _ Theresa Behling / Laszlo Blaser / Felix Dick / David Horber / Simone Michel / Aurelia Petra Muggler /
Lino Saam / Stefanie Stammer / Anna-Katharina Azahler
AAM_USI _ Gabriele Gagliardi / Stefano Gariglio / Giordana Ghizani /Enrica Pastore
Ead PUCV _ Hans Bremer Soto /Constanza Canuto / Mauro Colomo / Khalil Galai / Sebastian Gallardo /
Edward Glazebrook / Florencia Henriquez Acuna / Pamela Juarez / Maximiliano Trigos / Constanza Neira Ortega




Building Cultures Valparaiso

Pedagogy, practice and poetry at the Valparaiso School of Architecture and Design

EPFL Press, Distributed by Routledge



Building Cultures Valparaiso investigates the radical approach to teaching and making at the School of  Architecture and Design in Valparaiso, Chile. With newly commissioned essays from, among  others, Beatriz Colomina, Ignacio Gonzalez Galán and Gerald Wildgruber and a collection of meticulously  reproduced drawings from the school’s archives, Building Cultures Valparaiso is a resource for scholars  and practitioners interested in alternative visions of architecture. 


Sony Devabahktuni, scientific collaborator
Patricia Guaita, scientific collaborator
Cornelia Tapparelli, scientific collaborator


Collaborators  Valparaíso

Adolfo Espinosa Bernal, Ead PUC Valparaíso Archives
Carlos Covarrubias, poet, Ead PUC Valparaíso
Ivan Ivelic, Ead PUC Valparaíso Archives
Jaime Reyes, Ead PUC Valparaíso Archives





Partnership and funders for the Building Cultures Project

Contribution from Avina Stiftung
Contribution from IA ENAC EPF Lausanne
Summer school grant, “Promotion program for student exchange between institutions of the ETH domain” by
the Rector of ETH  Zurich and the Vice President Academic Affairs of EPF Lausanne