The procedure for resolving a case of psychological or sexual harassment can involve either an informal resolution or a formal complaint.

Informal resolution

Informal resolution includes the steps taken by the person concerned and by the parties within the Respect Network with the aim of responding effectively to the problem without a formal complaint being lodged. As far as possible, EPFL will seek to resolve situations through dialogue and managerial action.

Managerial action includes all actions taken by people and departments in charge (a line manager or immediate supervisor, Human Resources, Student Affairs department, Doctoral School) to promote best practices and resolve situations requiring intervention.

However, sometimes these measures may not be appropriate or may not resolve a situation. In these cases, a formal approach is required.

What is the procedure for lodging a formal complaint?

To lodge a formal complaint, you must send it in writing to the Respect Unit (the internal body at EPFL) or to the ombudsperson (body external to EPFL).

The Respect Unit or Ombudsperson will examine your complaint and decide whether to open a formal internal or external investigation. The decision to open such a procedure is taken by the EPFL President. A formal complaint can lead to official sanctions.

You will be notified of decisions and your options for recourse at every stage of the process.


EPFL applies a zero-tolerance policy to situations of harassment, regardless of the status or position of the person accused of committing the acts. People responsible for psychological or sexual harassment may face consequences. These will depend on the severity of the situation and may range from censure to dismissal or exclusion.

Anyone who intentionally and abusively accuses an innocent person of harassment will face the same consequences.

Protection against reprisals

EPFL will protect all persons having reported, in good faith, acts perceived as harassment. No form of reprisals brought against them will be tolerated.