Jonathan Lurie

Jonathan Lurie is a Software Engineer, data visualization and image processing in the Data Integration and Knowledge Engineering team in the Simulation Neuroscience Division. 

He contributes to the atlasing effort at Blue Brain in order to make it possible for scientists to visualize and share their data. This involves computer graphics techniques such as WebGL as well as image processing.

Before joining Blue Brain, Jonathan used to work at the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) in the team of Alan C. Evans where he developed tools to visualize brain-imaging data on the web, mostly MRI, fMRI and EEG. Prior to that, he worked at Thales (Toulouse, France) in collaboration with the CNES to develop and maintain the ground segment software pipeline for Earth observation satellite imaging, in particular for the Pleiades mission.

Jonathan has a Bachelors in Life Science and a Masters in Bio-informatics, with a major in medical image processing and software engineering. After that, his internship led him into satellite imaging as he contributed to the Orpheo program (CNES).

In his free time, he takes photos with his film camera and spends time processing the films.  He also enjoys cartography and map designing plus hiking and cycling.